Privacy Policy

Last Updated on May 12, 2020

Here at Priveasy, we pride ourselves on offering some of the best services out there to help ensure your privacy and security. For example, our VPN is great at encrypting your internet traffic, mitigating many types of hacking and preventing third parties (such as your network administrator, ISP, etc.) from easily analyzing your internet traffic, associating it with you, and blocking content. Our pseudonymous email and text messaging systems allow you to communicate over the internet without having to permanently give away your personal information. Our pastebin and URL shortening services allow you to quickly save or share vital information with others, in a more efficient way.

We do our best to offer you services which will assist you in staying safe online, but it must be understood that simply using Priveasy services and doing nothing else, will not guarantee your privacy or security. It is expected that you will take other reasonable measures as well, in conjunction with using our services, such as keeping smart browsing habits and understanding the technologies we offer and their limitations. For example, there is a very common misconception out there that using a VPN will make you “anonymous.” Any VPN provider that tells you this is simply lying to you. Sure, a VPN can help to protect your privacy in many situations, and may keep you somewhat anonymous from certain people, but it is very well known that VPN’s stand no chance against any organization with a large amount of power and resources, such as a state-sponsored organization. In this situation, it would be your responsibility to look into and utilize other technologies, technologies that are more likely to anonymize your digital activities, such as Tor.

In order to protect your privacy on our servers, we keep as few logs as possible. These logs consist mostly of regular maintenance, error, and access logs, so that we may identify any hacking attempts or fix any errors that appear. These logs are regularly deleted, and their contents is limited. We make a point of using only our own code along with trusted, open source software, code, and frameworks that are actively developed, and known for their security. This limits 3rd. party access to data. We are not perfect, however, and when you sign up you agree to use the site under the assumption that it could be hacked at any moment. We recommend that you never save confidential information on the site, such as in your pastes. While we limit the amount of information that we keep on our users, automatically purge inactive accounts after 30 days, encrypt data, and require very little information while signing up, it’s still important that you treat your activities on the site as though they’re public. That being said, we can offer a few comforts:

We do our absolute best to maintain your privacy, and take all the measures we can to do so. However, there are certain things that we cannot control. For example, we cannot control any logs that may be kept by our ISP or hosting providers, and we cannot control any actions that may be taken by law enforcement against us. We will cooperate with any legal, reasonable, and mandatory request made by law enforcement, although you can rest easy knowing that because of our policies and practices, there’s almost no useful data that we could give them. In the event that law enforcement does contact us in any way, our canary and an added warning message (which can be manually or automatically activated by a series of discrete “trip wires”) will keep us open and honest with you.

We promise to always do our best to be as open, transparent, and honest as possible. If at any point you ever have any questions, comments, or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us! The best way to contact us is via Signal, using the phone number (and link to download the Signal app) provided in the footer of our home page.